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True Life in God (Vol. 4)

True Life in God (Vol. 4)

True Life in God (Vol. 4)

Notebooks 65-71

122 pages - 15x21,5 cm - Ancienne édition 1994
Article n° E4114 - poids 200 g
J.M.J. Publications - ISBN 9780951997352
8.00 €
True Life in God (Vol. 4)

"I descend from My Throne to reach all of you. No, I will not neglect anyone; I will sit down with the wretched and they will not be afraid of Me; I will befriend them barefoot, and tell them that from the beginning they were never fatherless; and if they had never grasped the Celestial Laws it was because no one was near them to tell them - no one told them either they are the Almighty's seed."

(Jesus, October 11th, 1993)

About Vassula Ryden - visionary, mystic:

Vassula was raised a Greek Orthodox Christian and born in Egypt. She is married with 2 adult boys, is proficient in 6 languages, lives in Rome. She has been receiving dictation from The Lord sinc 1985. This work, deeply based on scripture and declared by eminent theologians to be totally theologically correct, is written in simple language easy for the lay reader to understand and yet substantial enough for academies and theologians. Already, many books in different languages have been written on this work. It has been translated into 32 plus languages with the English printed version contained in 7 books to date. The messages are received by locution - ie by an interior voice. Vassula takes these messages to all 5 continents with audiences of up to 30'000 (India 1998). She receives no royalties or fees for her work.